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Autocad Institute

Civil CAD learning is an essential requirement for large construction companies as well as businesses that have Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for development of civil designs and plans. CAD course is by far the right way for any student to maximize productivity and prove their potential in the shortest time frame. The course of Civil CADD at CADD Centre includes worthwhile assistance on structural design, land survey & transportation design, and building design.

In education of structural design, it imparts skills on analyzing & calculating the rigidity, stability, and strength of structures. In the land survey and transportation, it teaches on how to conduct the land survey for determine the position of points and angles distances on the land. The segment of building design upskills an individual in planning and designing layouts of a building.

Role in the Industry

Once, the student has gained a basic understanding of CAD software; they can learn how it can be applied in the civil drafting projects. Civil CADD professionals can also quickly come up with a finished set of drawings that includes planning, profile cross-sections, topographic maps, and subdivisions. Civil CADD will prepare students to make use of CAD in Building Information Modeling (BIM) for enhancing Civil Engineering Designs and Construction Documentation.


The Civil CADD professionals can take up construction and infrastructural development projects. The town planning and others are on the rise, and therefore, demands for skilled domain specialist is high. In short, for the search of comfortable homes, better roads, and standardized living, the demand for Civil professionals will always remain on a rise.

Job Titles

Upon the completion of the course, students can apply for the jobs of Civil Engineer, Field Engineer, Construction Manager, Site Inspector & Supervisor and more.

Entry-Level Salary

Up to Rs. 2 Lakhs per annum (in India)

Diploma and Professional Courses

CADD Centre offers courses that represent the right combination of CAD/BIM software and concepts of building design and project management. Project Management equips students to be job-ready and professionals to increase their productivity. Following are the course packages offered in Civil CADD.

The diploma and professional programs are designed in such a way that it equips students to become job-ready and professional for attracting suitable positions in the job marketplace. Following are the courses in Civil CADD:
The diploma program of Civil CADD provides the fundamental understanding and allow participants to perform the drafting as well as structural analysis efficiently. On the completion of the diploma, it will provide a good understanding of designing, land development, and tools analysis in Civil Industry.
The professional program of Civil CADD will improve the skills, boost the productivity, enhance their career prospects, and keep them abreast of the technology. It will allow students to perform 2D drawing, structural analysis, and also project management.