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Android App Development using Kotlin Courses

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Android app development using Kotlin is to enable individuals to build mobile applications for Android devices using the Kotlin programming language. Kotlin is a modern, concise, and expressive programming language that simplifies the development of Android apps. The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Android app development and the essential tools and techniques used to build mobile applications. The objective is to help learners build proficiency in creating high-quality, feature-rich Android applications using the Kotlin programming language.

Who Can Learn :

Anyone with an interest in mobile app development and some basic programming knowledge can learn Android app development using Kotlin. It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced programmers who want to learn a new language for mobile app development. Some prior knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts like variables, data types, functions, and control structures will be helpful. Additionally, familiarity with the Java programming language can be an added advantage.

Job Opportunities :

» Android Developer
» Mobile Application Developer
» Software Engineer
» Mobile Application Designer
» Technical Lead
» Quality Assurance Engineer
» UX Designer
» UI Designer

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Kotlin?
Kotlin is a programming language that is designed to interoperate with Java, the language used for Android app development. It is a modern, statically typed language that is easy to learn and use.

2. Do I need to know Java to learn Kotlin?
While knowledge of Java is not a requirement, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of Java programming concepts to be able to work with Kotlin. Many Java concepts are used in Kotlin as well.

3. What tools are needed to develop Android apps using Kotlin?
To develop Android apps using Kotlin, you need to have Android Studio, which is the official IDE for Android app development. Android Studio comes with the Android SDK, which includes all the tools and libraries required for Android app development.

4. What are some of the advantages of using Kotlin for Android app development?
Some of the advantages of using Kotlin for Android app development include: It is a modern language that is easy to learn and use. It is more concise than Java, meaning you can write less code to achieve the same functionality.
It has a strong type system that catches errors at compile-time, reducing the number of bugs in your code.
It is fully interoperable with Java, allowing you to use existing Java code in your Kotlin projects.

5. Can I use Kotlin for iOS app development as well?
Yes, Kotlin can be used for iOS app development using tools such as Kotlin/Native and Multiplatform Mobile Development.

Course Curriculum :

1. Introduction to Android App Development - About Android studio - About Kotlin Features of Kotlin - Kotlin vs Java in Android Application Development

2. Kotlin Basic - Control Flow - Functions - Array -String

3. Exception Handling - OOP’s concept in Kotlin

4. Installation of Android Studio - Android Studio setup wizard - Getting started with Hello World App

5. Android TextView - Basic Example - Create Programmatically - OnClickListener Justify Text - Italic - Bold - Left align - Right align

6. ScrollView - HorizontalScrollView in Kotlin - Dynamic ScrollView in Kotlin DynamicHorizontal ScrollView in Kotlin

7. ImageView - Dynamic ImageView in Kotlin - ListView - Android ListView in Kotlin - Android Toast

8. Button in Kotlin - ImageButton in Kotlin - Dynamic ImageButton in Kotlin RadioButton in Kotlin - Dynamic RadioButton in Kotlin - OnClickListener - Disable All Caps

9. Menu - Option Menu - Popup Menu

10. Android EditText - On Text Change Listener - Floating Label in EditText - Keyboard with only Numbers - Show/Hide Password

11. Layouts - Android UI Layouts - Android TableLayout in Kotlin - Android FrameLayout in Kotlin - Android RelativeLayout in Kotlin - Android LinearLayout in Kotlin

12. Bar - SeekBar in Kotlin - Dynamic SeekBar in Kotlin - Discrete SeekBar in Kotlin RatingBar in Kotlin - Dynamic RatingBar in Kotlin - ProgressBar in Kotlin Dynamic ProgressBar in Kotlin

13. Switcher - Switch in Kotlin - Dynamic Switch in Kotlin - TextSwitcher in Kotlin Dynamic TextSwitcher in Kotlin - ImageSwitcher in Kotlin - Dynamic ImageSwitcher in Kotlin

14. Time and Date Picker - TimePicker in Kotlin - Dynamic TimePicker in Kotlin DatePicker in Kotlin - Dynamic DatePicker in Kotlin

15. Libraries and APIs - Kotlin Android XML Parsing using DOM Parser

16. Implementation of Firebase and SQLite Database - Creating a To-Do List Android Application

17. Android Basic Game Development

18. Android Text To Speech - Android Media Player - Android Video Player

19. Android Notification - Google reCAPTCHA - Authentication Google Login - Google Map

20. Google AdMob Banner Ads - Google AdMob Interstitial Ads - Android Web Service